Design2Function is a division of Insight Systems, Inc. and has been providing web hosting, website development, and a variety of network support services since 2000.


Web Hosting

Design2Function offers web hosting in a variety of packages, with a package suitable for any size site. We can also work with clients to adapt a package to meet their needs and find the right balance between features and economy.

Web Development

Along with web hosting, Design2Function offers website development. We specialize in mid-scale dynamic sites written in PHP or Ruby on Rails. No site is too big or too small. We have several designers we work with on a regular basis for for web design.


We provide each of our clients with support and assistence with their web presence. This includes search engine optimization assistance, email access help, and updates to any static content on their sites. We can even provide local area network and other IT assistance.

Contact Information

Design2Function is based out of Renton, WA, and has a presence in Walla Walla, WA. If you'd like more information about our services, please contact us at


Design2Function partners with Mechan Media for design services for the web and other mediums.

Mechan Media specializes in video production, video post production, and other creative media services.